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There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL guide to choosing a roommate or having someone share your home if you have rooms for rent. It all depends on what your motivations are to let someone come live with you.

You hate living alone?
You dont need the extra income?

You dont drive anymore so need help shopping and doing errands?

Everyone has their own unique reason. Once your motiveis are clear then you move on to the
business of choosing someone who matches your needs, is a safe and reliable person and the
feeling in your gut says that THIS IS THE ONE.

The very best way is to find someone who is personally recommended by a friend, relative
or business associate. If not, then before you agree to have someone share your home you need
to do some serious homework. No matter how nice the person seems, it is absolutely necessary to learn all about their history. You must

a. Check out their references carefully.
b. Do a background check. It is definitely worth the expense.
c. See their credit report.

When you are the one who is looking for the home share, it is harder to know the history of the landlord, but this can be
overcome if they have been personally recommended to you. It is also easier to end the association, (depending on
whether there is a lease or not) because it is a lot easier for you to pack your bags and move out, then for the home owner
to get rid of a tenant.

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